Wednesday, June 1, 2016

WOYWW #365.. So many reasons to be happy...


Happy WOYWW..

As you know our fabulous leader Julia is in hospital recovering from her op, so the also fabulous Lunch Lady Jan has stepped in again so that What's On Your Workstation Weds can continue..

I had great fun catching up with many people during the Seventh anniversary last week. I didn't make ATC's, but several very sweet people sent me ones anyway..I will be send you something else in the post ladies and thank you - WOYWW spirit just making me smile as always.

So what's on my desk? Well it looks pretty similar to last week right? My art journal front and centre, waterpot (full of dirty water), tea towel for cleaning brushes and various partly made items strewn around my desk..

My journal was actually supposed to be two individual pages and not a spread..but actually turned out looking like a spread, I think it's because of the colours..

As per the title of my post today, I have a lot of things to be happy about - I just spent a really nice weekend with Hubby, chilling out in the Sun together, holding hands, drinking, eating, giving up smoking and hanging out with old friends. 
My Dad is actually coming to visit us ON HIS OWN in NYC in Sept (he has not been on a foreign vacay for 30 years!!). These things all make me happy and realise how lucky I am. If you get a chance today just smile at makes everything better :)

A few people wanted to see the Pocket Letter I had made for Nikki C. Now that I know she has it, it can be revealed!

I used a co-ordinating paper stack to cut the inserts and all the little icons are wooden and hand painted by me! I chose symbols for my two Cities - London and NYC and wrote a little story about what each one means to me on the back of the insert. There are also little tiny gifts behind the inserts too :)

I'm swapping things with a few other people, so just message me if you are up for a swap :)

Have a great day.



  1. Wow I just love you pocket letter you sent to Nikki and I am sure she loved it. Great job on you art journal . Have a wonderful week Hugs~Anne L #4

  2. Sweet pages in your art journal and the pocket letter is fantastic I loved reading the backside cards how about apple pie ? Hugs Nikki 8

  3. love the journal! I often start a single page that ends up being a spread.. so with you there! Helen #10

  4. I like the pocket idea & sue Nikki will be delighted to receive yours . A lovely colourful journal day Claire, Happy woyww jill #17

  5. What a lovely post! Actually, I had that sort of weekend's been a tricky couple of months for me, so my hubby took me to the seaside for a couple of days, which was lovely...we walked, laughed and ate fish and chips on the beach. Bliss :-D
    Hoe lovely that folk sent you ATCs, that's the generosity of deskers for you, eh?!
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  6. Sounds like a really great weekend, Claire. Lovely!! That pocket letter looks a lot of fun - well done. I'm sure Nikki will really enjoy it.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #15

  7. Love your happy page and fantastic pocket letter! I've never made one myself! zsuzsa #37

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and great little pocket page.
    sandra de @36

  9. Lovely pocket page. Your journal page is also fantastic. Happy Wednesday! LisaDV #38

  10. Hi Claire, first off can I say well done on giving up smoking. I say this as someone who was a smoker for 40 odd years- I had my last cigarette the day I went in for my surgery last year, so have been a non smoker since September 2nd. Not that I intended too, lol. I was on HDU and on another planet for two weeks, so I think the morphine and ketamine covered any cravings! You're doing it the harder way,and I applaud you. You sound like you had a lovely weekend with your Hubby too. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #18 xx

  11. I love the pocket page. What a wonderful idea. The journal page looks great. Making the ATCs made me think about journalling more.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #5

  12. Glad to see your desk has a hint of messiness to it, I must be a bad influence! Loving your journal pages and your pocket letter looks fab. Cara x

  13. A happy desk for a Happy day! Love the journal. Have fun at the class! I'm spending time at the Springfield Heirloom Stamp Expo! Yipiee!! (I may need to look for that hollyhock die...who made it?)

  14. That journal page is a riot of colour and definitely says H.A.P.P.Y! Love the pocket letter, I keep seeing mention of these, what a great way to use up those atc pockets too!

    Carmen x #47

  15. Always love art journal pages!
    Take care
    Michelle ♥


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