Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not enough hours in the day!


Sorry for the absence, last week was properly mental - what with Hubby's birthday (= drunken affair), work and craft fair activities - I really didn't know if I was coming or going.

Anyway, I am a tad sad today, as I only had one entry to my competition - RHR you win the pincushion, please email me your colour choice! No matter - it's all a learning curve and I will just have to figure out how to promote myself better!

So I had a nice busy crafting weekend - I made one of the aprons ready for Sunday's Christening BBQ. I am so pleased with it, I got the pattern from Taly's Creations - she kindly let me mention her here. I hope you can make use of her really straightforward tutorial and make your own apron. I will take a pic and show you my ones - but need to take the pic during the day, they come out much better that way!

Union Jack quilt has hit a pause - due to the flannel I ordered being incorrect! I am feeling very calm about the craft market, scarves are nearly finished, cards are finished, brooches are finished, make-up bags will be complete, once the replacement zipper foot arrives (I left it out and the cats swiped it), starting baby-grows tonight, so it's all going well!

I usually get a bit excited about craft fairs and next weekend is no exception to this! I think it is going to be a good opportunity for me and my little business, I hope it works out well and that my friends are happy for me to keep crashing with them, so I can become a regular at the market.

It's my sister-in-law's birthday tomorrow and my Ma's on Sunday, so I have been making little treats for them over the last week or so and now have a little pile of pretty things to wrap, which is nice.

I need to update my craft picture stash - so I was a bit stumped about what I should have as today's pic, then I realised I could show you the pattern for the Union Jack - so that is what today's pic is!



Monday, July 19, 2010

To be a pincushion or not! + Competition!!!


I have been itching to get home and get crafting, but before I get too involved I am taking a break to write this post.

Today's pic is something I thought you'd like to see! Hubby drew it in the sand for me when we were in Cornwall! Isn't that sweet! I am trying to think of  a way to use it  - maybe the HNM 2010 Polzeath range - ha ha. Watch this space for more news.

I have made a start on finishing the scarves for the craft fair - this is the dull part, once they are done I can show pics - just like yesterday's cards - they are just a small selection of what I will be selling in Berkhamsted

I thought I'd give you a bonus and upload a second shot and run my first competition, seeing as though the blog was a bit sparse last week! This shot is of the pincushions I've been making - so cute! I've sold quite a few and they get used for lots of different things!

So, the competition is - post a comment, telling me what you'd use the pincushion for - besides pins!! The best answer wins their very own pincushion - colour of their choice (from pic and if in stock). Answers by Fri 23rd July and I'll announce the winner on Monday 26th July.

Good Luck!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let the madness commence

Wow! It's been a really busy week, unfortunately a bit too busy! So I didn't get to blog much this week!

As predicted I have gone into full panic about being ready for the craft fair - it's my first time at this particular fair and I want to make a good impression!

I have cut all the fabric for the purses/make-up bags and most of the scarves.

I still have to finish the baby quilt and the aprons I am making for a BBQ Christening, so I am a tad stressed right now, but secretly (or not so) loving it! The craft room looks like a week long party has been going on in there and I really need to get back to being my normal tidy self (well in the craft room I am).

I have mainly spent this weekend crafting and it's been fun! Hubby has been indulging in one of his hobbies, so we've been playing music and having shouted conversations from room to room!

I have sewn all the scarves together - including two I am making as gifts, I have started putting the make-up bags together now and will finish these Mon/Tues. I will be doing the finishing later on in the week or over the weekend, as it's Hubby's birthday on Weds.

Today's pic shows some of the cards I made this weekend, I have been experimenting with stamping and watercolour pencils! I am pretty pleased with the results.

I was very happy on Saturday to discover there is a new craft shop in Croydon, I picked up lots of sale items and I am busy trying them out, I've also been working with free stamps and papers from a craft magazine.

Anyway this has been an epic post - I'll be back to normal after this week, work will have calmed down a bit then!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

I love scarves!


Hope it's hot enough for you - it's very hot here in London. I am going to spend the day loafing around in my Ma's garden, awaiting the return of hubby from Cornwall.

Scarves are of the items that I make and sell lots of. They are quite straight forward to make and I like to experiment with different types of fabric.

Both my Ma and my Mother-in-Law, like scarves make out of jersey!

I on the otherhand, quite like satins and chiffons - today's pic is me wearing one of my own creations made from a really beautiful super shiny satin.

Everywhere I go, I always keep my eyes peeled for a couple of metres of fabric that will make nice scarves, I restrict myself to 2-3 scarves per piece of fabric, depending on the size of the fabric. I do this, because then the scarves become 'limited editions', which lots of people like. I also restrict myself, as my fabric 'stash' is fast outgrowing my storage system and I am sure hubby is going to start selling it on eBay if I buy too much more!

I will post a couple of pictures next week of 2 of my friends wearing their fave scarves that they have purchased from me, it's really nice to see people in my creations.

I love to give scarves as gifts, but this Christmas I think I'm going to have to come up with another gift idea for the ladies, as most of my friends and family are proud owners of several of my scarves!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

July is gonna be busy!

So I am back from my holibobs in Cornwall, brief but fun!

I took some awesome pics whilst away and once I have sorted them out, I'll post a few up for you to see.

I've suddenly realised that July is going to be a busy month, as I am doing a craft fair on 7th Aug (hence today's pic) and I had a quick peek through my stock and realised that I need to get myself behind my sewing machine for about 2 weeks!! Oops!

No matter, I love to sew and I have spent tonight cutting out pieces for scarves and make-up bags, I've finished a whole batch of brooches and so I'm feeling pretty relaxed about it all. However I always say that, then 2 days before the fair (much to my Hubby's dismay) I panic that I don't have enough stock and stay up for 2 nights straight sewing my socks off!

Do you remember in my first post, I mentioned that I am making a Union Jack baby quilt? Well I started cutting the fabric tonight and it looks yummy, I am very excited. I'll take some pics, once the pieces are all cut out, so you can follow it's progress.

I guess I should say goodnight as it's the wrong side of midnight and I have a day job to do!


Friday, July 2, 2010


...for now, as I am going to be in Cornwall with no email access, this will be my last post for a week.

I thought I'd end the week, by talking about how much I love photography. For Christmas I got a tripod and I am itching to use it some more in Cornwall.

Today's pic was taken by me last year on Murano in Venice - without a tripod! Not bad eh?

Have a great weekend, I've really enjoyed blogging this week.