Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fear the Beard!


Yes I have totally missed July in terms of blogging!

This is due to several things - 1) being made redundant - sad, but these things happen, 2) post-redundancy holibobs with my friend Emma and her Mum, 3) being silly busy with house and work related things!

I have been crafting and when I find 5 spare minutes, I will upload a million photos at some point in the not so distant future. Not least of the amazing cards JT and I made at our last playdate.

I have been loving the Olympics, which might explain the random main picture!! Hubby and I are big Basketball fans and have been super excited about our only Olympics tickets. Which just happened to be for the Men's bball final!! We had a great day out at the 02 - and the picture is of me in my James Harden beard!!

In craft related news, JT and I are off to the British Craft Festival this weekend, it is our first 'Craft Awayday' we have been stockpiling our pennies and will probably enhance our stashes quite a lot!

I've also been making cards for National Cardmaker of the Year 2012 - most excited by this, as I have wanted to enter for a while, but not been confident enough! I will do a big post showing all of the wonderful cards I have made for the categories.

Bye bye for now - hopefully not for so long this time.