Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sneak preview...

Leopard Thank You
I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of some of the gems that are going to be on the new improved Ham'n'Mule Designs website.

I've had to think really carefully about what goes on the site. I realised that I had to make sure that I used materials that I will always have available! Which meant some of the things I wanted to use had to be sidelined for now. 

The main picture today is a really sweet Thank You card - love the flower, which I punched using the new tool that JT and I bought at the craft fair in August.

The next card is an update on my favourite Pink Petticoat stamp.

Elephant 'It's a boy'
 The card below is a technique you've seen before that I borrowed from an idea on Pinterest, I really like the contrast of black and white on the bronze paper. I think this is a great card for weddings, engagements and anniversary's. And yes it's that Woodware punch again.

Multiple Stitched Hearts
Just a couple to whet your appetite!

Early next year I'll be launching a special edition section to the site so I can use some of the items that I only have a small amount of in my stash. We'll also be adding brooches and other yummy items.


Monday, September 24, 2012

A joy in name..

..and a joy to make.

A couple of months ago, JT and I had our usual craft playdate (but without Husband supervision..uh oh) and I decided to take along a new idea for us to try.

It's a joyfold card - really easy to make it turns out and we had such fun make them, JT has already posted hers.

We found that using the pretty pre-printed DCWV cards worked really well for half of the card. I made considerably more than I have posted here, but these 2 are my faves.

The main picture is of the card I made for my friend in Seattle. I love the colours, they really remind me of Michelle and I know she'll love it (when I finally send it).

Below is my Ma's birthday card. I always put a lot of thought into Ma's card, as she is such a big supporter of everything I make and I know she really appreciates the pretty intricate cards. I finally got to use the Dovecraft sparkly ribbon, that I have been 'saving' for a special occasion! The oval scallop was a new purchase from Michael's in NYC.

This is such a great technique, my top tip when making these is measure everything, this way you prevent waste - I did get a bit lazy and it cost me some beautiful card stock. I love making these and have been thinking about how I can make them as Christmas cards for 'chosen' people. Making all my own personal cards like this might be a bit much!

It's my birthday this week, so I am mostly out celebrating! But I will be attempting to take photos of some of the Christmas ideas that I am working up for the craft fairs that JT and I are doing. We had a little meeting (over Champagne) last week to agree which idea's worked. You can see JT's here.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time to breathe a little..

..It's all been rather hectic over the last couple of months, but now I am gearing up for my birthday and a well deserved holiday.

I've been making cards, writing text and taking photos for the new website, making cards for Christmas (more about that later), making entries for National Cardmaker 2012 and generally working like a dog!

So where do I start...

Well today's main picture is of one of the Anniversary cards I made for various friend's anniversary's. I am so pleased with how they came out that I have used this idea as one of the new Ham'n'Mule website staples!

Here are a few more examples - I am loving the Woodware heart punch right now, the spotty backgrounds are my old favourites by Pink Petticoat.

I worked like a crazy person in August before I left for NYC to get all of the entries done for National Cardmaker, it was fun, as I got to try lots of new techniques. It was also the first time I worked with A5 cards and now I am hooked!

I entered lots of the categories, so fingers crossed..... The rules are you have to use at least one item from the  category on your card. Here are my entries.

Craftime was fun, I cheated a bit with card 3 - as I only used ribbon... I loved working with the little dresses and I tried a new card format with card 1 and card 2 has a pull out at the top of the red die-cut.

I did make 4 cards for Dovecraft, but my Ma felt one was lame and so I listened to her as a 'consumer' and the other one I didn't get to post before I went to NYC! My fave is the Union Jack Anniversary - notice the Woodware hearts again...

Paper Cellar
Unfortunately, I didn't find that many items locally for Paper Cellar, but the glittery shoes and bags worked well and I still have some left to play with at a later date.

At first I thought I was going to struggle to enter this category, but then I remembered - embossing folders! I have always loved the Thank You folder, but it's so big it's hard to work with. I used a coredinations card to emboss it, so I could sand it back to make the words pop. I really love the button and the ribbon. The blue/green card was fun as I got to use a new technique that I saw at the crazy craft fair JT and I went to. Basically you emboss an image, ink a brayer and then roll over the embossed image - voila! I like the tinge of  excess ink, it looks a bit shabby chic to me.

Stampin' Up
You can imagine my delight when I saw the Stampin' Up category! What a great opportunity to use the  Birdie, Owl and Bunting punches. I love these entries - apologies for the blurry joyfold Owl - I did take these photos every morning before work for a week! I love the birdie, it looks like a melon! I wish I'd made more for this category, but time was limited. Next year I will start earlier :)

Tonic Studios
Only one card in this category, but it was by no means the easiest! I used a geared punch and punched every strip on the front of the card individually and stuck them down individually! But I think the end result is a really wonderful card. I got the heart cards on sale at Craft Superstore and really wanted to use them some how and I had this idea to have an extra message on the front, which works I think. Obviously as this is Valentine's themed the Woodware punch came out again...

Well, that is the end of this epic post.

More later in the week, before I head to Tenerife for a week!