Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Emotional Times...

I had such a great craft playdate with JT on Saturday and I wanted to post some of the things that we made and talk about how much fun we had, whilst learning how to craft together and by not boozing our way through the day we got mad productive!
Unfortunately, as you will see I got a touch distracted when I lost my engagement ring in the house yesterday - sad times. So this isn't really a craft post, it's a very emotional post about the loss of my ring.

Still no sign of my beloved ring, but Hubby is being very understanding and assures me it will turn up and that makes it a bit easier.

Anyway, as I was feeling emotional I wanted to share some pictures of me and my ring.

Today's main picture is of my friend JJ and I on the Ladies Wot Lunch part of our STEN - STag & hEN = STEN - Hubby and I didn't want to have separate parties before we got married, so we had a big old joint one and we had Ladies and Gents parts during the day and for dinner, then we all got together in the evening  for a big messy party.

Below is a close-up shot of my ring, the one below that is of me and Nkem, one of my bessie mates and one of my bridesmaids - it's the original picture that the close-up came from.

It means so much and I didn't think I could ever feel this way about something that isn't Sam.

On a happier note, I bought Craft Beautiful magazine today - awesome Jubilee papers and a stamp. Check out JT's blog, she has started posting the weekend's output - I'm right behind her - just as soon as I have searched the house again!