About Me

I'm Claire.

I thought it would be fun to create a blog, that is dedicated to my love of making lovely things (at night mainly, as I have a 'real' job). I'm quite chatty so occasionally there will be a chatty post about something random, as I am also quite random.

I make all kinds of things - cards, bags, purses, brooches, baby quilts, scarves, earrings etc.  I enjoy trying new things. In 2020 thanks to a global pandemic I became a digital scrapbooker too.

I have a long-suffering husband, 1 fur child, and a vast paper, fabric, button, ribbon, and thread collection. My craft room is an over-stocked beast that I adore.

We are English and we lived in NYC in a VERY small apartment for 8 years and so my craft room grew vertically..

Now we live in Tampa, Florida and we bought a house, so I have multiple dedicated spaces for my crafting - cardmaking, digital scrapping, jewelry making, and sewing (primarily quilting). It is a total game changer and I am so grateful that I get to have this much space

I used to set goals, but in 2018 I realised that was taking the fun out of it for me. So I stopped that and brought the fun back. 

I still love challenges and I am a DT member at a couple of places, so I do have some 'structure', which as a Project Manager, I have to have.

I tend to give away most of what I make and I send a LOT of happy mail, because a friend said to me once 'when I see your return address I get excited' that is why I make cards, to spread a bit of joy.

If you would like a card, I am always happy to send happy mail, so just use my contact us form and I'll send you a card :)

If you are interested in donating cards, I donate via Scrapbook.com and their Cards For Kindness drive. I tend to send a big box every 3 months, which makes me happy to share some paper happiness with others.

Thanks for swinging by, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.