Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WOYWW #206 - First one from NYC, advice needed!

Hi ladies and happy WOYWW - live from NYC :)

Go and visit Julia at Stamping ground if you don't know what WOYWW is!!

So we have arrived in NYC safely. We have moved in to our new apartment, the furchildren made it in one piece, we have internet and some furniture. My desk is a work in progress but I love it!

Before we move on to my desk. I just wanted to ask the USA based WOYWWer's what online sites do you use for purchasing supplies? I am far from ready to do that yet, but I love to browse :)

The main photo today is my desk - it is a bit random, but that is because A) the rest of it has yet to be purchased - this will make more sense in a few weeks, B) majority of my craft stash is in on a ship in the Atlantic - yet to arrive. You can see some bits and bobs from my stash littered around. My new improved desk has space for my laptop and on the top of my shelves you can see some cards that we were given and have been sent since we arrived. You can also see my shiny new 'C' which I bought as a treat from Michaels - yay! I love Michaels

Here are a couple of pics of our apartment = semi-empty!

Boscat, on our new bed, complete with Union Jack cushions
Archie in the empty living room
Hope to see you next week, looking forward to trawling through some desks today.