Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas with the silhouette portrait...

Hey there!

It's been a VERY busy week - we did the biggest launch in my Company's history this week and whilst I am tired, I feel a great sense of achievement :)

I spent yesterday at my desk, getting Christmas cards ready to go into the post. I had x2 special cards I needed to make (can't say for who as they read my blog), so I decided to enlist the Silhouette.

Inspired by JT's card, I wanted to use some of the papers from a difficult stack we both have, that has velvet accents...looking closely it's the same piece of paper - how in tune are we!!

As you can see this card is my main photo today, I added the Silhouette die-cut reindeer (or should I say Snazzymoose?) and used a free stamp for the sentiment.

I love this card, it's so festive, but modern.

The second card uses a Silhouette die-cut card template - I don't often use these templates in their entirety, usually I just use parts of the card.

Cut with a Silhouette Portrait
I added a red liner, so you can see all the die-cuts.

Gorgeous right?! And simple - as it's essentially a bit of a cheat as the Silhouette did all the work! I used the same free sentiment stamp as before.

I love using the Silhouette, it's great and I have stopped beating myself up for not using it all the time. Now I bring him/it out when I'm inspired to - he gets an airing about 4 times a month, which works for me :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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  1. Playing catch up again Claire, seem to be spending a lot of time at work of late..Tom has had 2 massive global launches where he works of late, he's been in London, Leeds...we've hardly seen each other! Love your cards, great colours and images!


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