Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving..


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

My card today was made for the Nixon Clan, as they are all together for Thanksgiving for the first time in a while. It's a bit naughty, but suits them perfectly.

I will be giving thanks for quite a few things, but here are the main ones:
Giving thanks for..
..a Ma that fought Cancer this year and is here to chat nonsense via Skype with me.
..a Poppa who always finds time to send me silly emails that make me miss him,
..Lemon and JT who never forget about me and are really amazing friends. blogland friends for being constantly supportive and just really nice people.
..Sally & Mike Nixon for just being AWESOME, loving and fun, fun, fun.

Finally I am giving thanks for my Hubby, he is the best ever.



  1. This is brilliant Claire.. love the red and black combo! and the chalkboard sentiment is wonderful !!
    Hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving! :-)
    Big Hugs
    Sue B xxx

  2. Great one. This message cracked me up. Sitting at the kitchen table drinking now...

  3. What a lovely post Claire, sorry I'm so late reading it! Love your card and hope you had a great Thanksgiving, hugs Carole Z X


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