Thursday, July 7, 2016

Playing in my Art Journal..


So my Ma arrived last night - yay!!

I suspect that tonight she will want to break out her new art journal and have a I thought I would show you some things that have been going on in mine lately.

The main photo is a spread I created based around a photo of a painting from a book I found in my $1 bin bookstore dive.. The book is called America in Print. I chose to use this painting by William Russell Birch because a) it is the view from Long Island across the East River looking at Manhattan and it's possibly, roughly where I live now on Manhattan and b) William Birch was English..

I used a Dina Wakely elephant paint for my background and used lime paint for my central highlight. I wanted to make the spread be an extension of the painting and I wanted to get the artists name it. I am really pleased with it and it is a fun mix of stamps and stencils.

One of the best things about art journaling is stretching my stamps and stencils and making them work a bit harder for me. 

The next spread was born out of my desire to create a pink spread LOL, seriously..I felt my pink paints have been a bit neglected recently.

Before the paint dried, I quickly used two stencils and removed some of the paint through them using baby this technique and you get such awesome results.

Obviously I opted for Flamingoes, they are pink after all. I die-cut them using glossy paper and dripped alcohol ink onto them to create the fun colours on the right ones. The left ones I inked through the negative die-cuts.

I anchored the Flamingoes using tissue paper and washi tape. For a final touch I added some glitter paste through a stencil here and there..

This spread makes me so happy, so soothing..I think it's the pinks..

I love this art journal thing, I like the lack of rules, playing with paint, collaging things in, just the general random nature of it all.


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  1. Two wonderfully different pages. Love them. Cara x


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