Monday, July 11, 2016

30 Days of Colouring...


Happy Monday.

I am off today and hanging out in the sunshine with Ma.

I thought I'd share some of the things I have coloured so far, as part of the awesome The Daily Marker, 30 Days of Colouring.

The main photo today is my Day 2 colouring. I used a KennyK clear stamp that I love, she's so sassy. The sentiment stamps are by Neat & Tangled and are a recent addition to my stash. The journaling card that I used for the background was actually sent to me by Kathy Rac, who is responsible for this awesome colouring challenge and is the sweetest person ever.

Day 3 is a little bit different, as it is a page from a new colouring book..I think it will end up incorporated into my art journal.

It took me two days (4 and 5) to colour the next image from my Day of the Cat colouring book that Lemon recently gave me..

He was quite detailed and because of the paper that the book is printed on, I had to go over it twice!!
I love him though and can't wait to colour more of the book.

I love to colour and this challenge reminds me that I can colour for 10 mins every day, there is space in my life for that.

I'll show you more later in the week.



  1. Loving this series, that Kenny K stamp is great. Big fan. Hope is a beauty, that's really lovely x

  2. Great colouring. My colouring yesterday consisted of 10 minutes of blue dots to fill a background. Totally therapeutic! Cara x


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