Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pinterest CASE...watercolour squares..


I saw this great card and tutorial when I was cruising some blogs a few weeks ago -

It's by Julie Ebersole - via the Ellen Hutson classroom blog - which I love!

I am very pleased with my version and I added a name so it could go to one of my work colleagues.

In the tutorial Julie shows you how to dab some of the paint off of the squares, muting the colours slightly. I didn't dab all the squares, as I wanted more variance in the colours.

I love a Pinterest CASE..doing them helps me push my boundaries.



  1. Your CASE is fabulous Claire, great design, hugs Carole ~Z X

  2. Hi, I saw that card too! OK, I'm new to Pinterest..what does CASE stand for?

    1. Ha ha Kim, it stands for Copy and share everything..meaning you can copy, but he honest and share your work. Cx


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