Sunday, September 11, 2016

Glittery Awesome Birthdays..


Yes I am back from Mexico, but this is still a scheduled post.

A few weeks ago I saw this on Instagram and wanted to have a go.

I decided to use a CAS-ual Friday stamp because it's so large and I love the font, I thought it might work well for the technique.

Go over to Carissa's blog and learn how to do it, her explanations are WAY better than mine LOL.

If you enlarge my photo today, you will get to see just how glittery the cards are.

It did actually work, not as well as the ones Carissa made, but with a bit more practice...

Maybe this week I'll be brave enough to try die-cut words like Carissa's...


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  1. Ooh I really like the half-glittered letters,those are pretty sweet man. Good call keeping it CAS, really like your layout x


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