Saturday, August 27, 2016



So today's card I made a couple of weeks ago..

I love this new-ish set Large Desert Bouquet by MFT..

I love the bold, bright combos you can create with the flowers.

I used primary colours here and it worked out pretty well, until I dropped the sentiment stamp..ugh, hence the big ugly die-cut covering it up and ruining my beautiful card..sigh

No matter, add some bling to the flower centres and it's good to go..

Only I will know that the shape shouldn't be there..well I guess you know now too :)



  1. I'd never have guessed that the die cut wasn't meant to be there! Glad it's not just me that throws things about, I blame my gammy neck as it affects my grip, nothing at all to do with me being a klutz, honest! Sorry, I've not been about for a bit, the neck has been playing up big time,, but I refuse to increase my morphine again.
    Looks like you've made some amazing cards and has lots of fun on your workshop. Totally jealous of course. Also jealous of your trip to Mexico, hubby is off to California in a few weeks for the gold panning championships whilst I stay here in sunny Lancashire!
    Take care, Cara x

  2. There was a time when we wouldn't have thought that die was ugly - we have moved very far down the road of CAS! I actually think it works and you rescued it well. The colors really pop, great call using yellow as a base x


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