Tuesday, May 1, 2018

12 months later...


So today I celebrate 12 months of working out.


Not me half heartedly on the treadmill texting.

Nope, I mean me, getting to the gym at least 3 times a week and sometimes even 4 times. I mean me getting up at 5.45am, so I can be at the gym for 6.30am. I mean me pushing through all the pain and fear.

Above is my 11month transformation photo.. The pic on the left was taken on May 1st 2017 and the one on the right was taken on April 1st 2018..

This year has been possible because of 5 people in my life.

1 - Me
2 - My Hubby (Sam)
3 - Lemons
4 - Lisette
5 - Wendel

Without these 5 people to encourage me, push me, guide me and teach me none of it would be possible.

Each of these people have played a different role. Get ready for a super long smushy post...

#5 - Wendel
I would imagine that every single person who knows me, is OVER hearing Wendel's name..but how can you not spend every waking minute talking about a person that literally changed your life? I talked about how Wendel changed my body and mind last year, but now 9 months on from that I realise that we are actually in this together. For Wendel it's not just about me as a client of his, it's about me as a person.

Once I totally overslept and missed a 6am session with him, I have never been so mortified by anything in my life and you know what Wendel said 'you never do this, you are not that kind of person' - how the hell does he know this about me..oh I know because he LISTENS, he CARES, he is INTERESTED. It's not just about 'another fatty pants client that needs whipping into shape' for him.

I am truly grateful to him and my NYSC family, they make me laugh out loud all the time and make going to the gym an enjoyable experience.

Remember Wendel.. 'Strong, we got this'... :)

#4 - Lisette
I never expected to make friends in NYC that would be like my friends in London, you know the ones that have known you forever. But Lisette and the craftgang are my family. Lisette has been on her own personal fitness journey and when I started she encouraged me, told me I could do it, made me believe that I wasn't alone.

Once I started losing weight Lisette came over and ruthlessly cleaned my closet. She taught me that I can't keep things I don't need or don't fit into..Hope is great, but honesty is better.

When I couldn't cope with shopping in new places, due to my change in size, she took me shopping and encouraged me to try new brands and smaller sizes and made me stay out of the plus size section.

The final hurdle has been parting with things I think look ok. Every single time Lisette sees me now, she assesses me - sounds mean right? Nope, it's helpful, because I don't want to look like a bag of crap after all this hard work and she has the strength of character to argue with me about why something should not still be in my closet.

Thanks Lisette for never shirking away from a difficult conversation or a Macy's shopping trip.

#3 - Lemons
Being based in London and approx 3,000 miles away, doesn't mean you can't kick someone in the arse.

Every single time in my life that I have moaned about shit, Lemon steps in and helps me sort it out.. When I told her that I was going to get fit, she nodded sagely.

When I told her I was loving it, but it was hard, she nodded sagely. When I told her that I was a bit confused by the changes to my body, she told me to look closer at my mind..She reminded me that body and spirit are connected and if I put my mind to it, my body will follow. When I told her that I was struggling with post-workout recovery, she pointed me in the right direction.

She bought me a proper sports bra, encouraged me to try new things, marveled at me being able to lift more than her and basically has been my cheerleader for 12 long moaning, whinging, self congratulating months!

I love you Lems, you are my wife, sister, mentor and thing.

#2 - Hubby
This man. Honest to God. I don't understand how I got so lucky.

He has loved me through so much shit and never ever fails to understand what I need, even when I don't know.

He has said two things to me during this 12 month period 'you need to go to the gym today, you are weird when you don't go' and 'you need new clothes, your clothes are hanging off of you'

He hasn't moaned about me changing our diet, being at the gym all the time or constantly talking about working out. He has just smiled, encouraged and laughed at and with me about this crazy new version of me.

I couldn't possibly love anyone else the way that I love my crazy, fun, supportive and kind Hubby, thank you baby for having my back - no matter what size it is.

#1 - ME!
Honestly I'm not going to write war and peace about me, because that would be weird.

I have learnt so much this past year, not least how to maintain this workout thing. The thing that is always at the front of my mind is that I have GOT THIS. ME, no-one else, just ME.

I have wrestled with the new dress size thing, but man is it nice to be able to shop wherever I want and not have to consider 'do they have a plus-size section'.

I wanted to work out properly for a while, but had all kinds of excuses for not doing it seriously. Last year when I started it was hard, but I love it..no idea why, I just do, it makes me happy to walk 3 miles on the treadmill and yes I have gone insane.

For me this has never ever been about weight-loss (and I honestly mean that), it's about feeling great in my mind as well as my body, it is about being fit and strong and realising that if I focus I can do anything I want to.

But that doesn't mean I can't be overjoyed by the fact that in 5 years time I turn 50 and I will be in the best fucking shape of my life. That is the commitment I am making to my mind and body.

Why? Because I want to, because I can make it so.

ME + a supporting cast of many..

Thank you to the 'top 5' but also a HUGE thanks to everyone who has listened to me talk endlessly about myself and my journey for a year. I can't promise you that will stop (I mean you have met me right?), but I can promise you that I'm grateful you took the time to listen.



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