Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Its a handbag...

Yes, the loveliness you see in the main photo today is indeed a handbag - sorry about the photo, but the bag is so squishy!

So? I hear you ask..well it was made from scratch by my fair hands!!

It was supposed to be this -

But the faux leather that I started with was way too soft for this, so I modified the pattern a bit!

The tutorial came from Sew4Home and is part of their series in conjunction with Fabric.com, which is where I got my fabric from.

What did I use -
Outer - Bijoux Faux Leather Checks in black.
Lining / Pocket / False bottom - indoor/outdoor fabric in black and yellow polka dots.
Threads - by Wimsew - Lemon for the lining and pocket. Black everywhere else.

What did I change -
I added a strap
Turned one of the bag handle straps into a buttonhole holder (?!)
I didn't pinch in the top.

I love it, it's so me, I love how squashy it is and I've decided that the shape I have ended up with is much more practical for my uses and this is what I will be doing with the next one but I will be making it deeper.

Here are a couple more photos for you -

Inside my bag

Close-up - showing the gorgeous fabric
I have some stiffer faux leather in Metallic bronze (swoon), time for another pattern methinks!

I loved the tutorial, it was really easy to follow and taught me a new trick (how to accurately box corners). The tutorial also included a faux bottom for the inside of the bag. I usually ignore these, but this time I did it and I made mine using a piece of recycled plastic covered in fabric, which I can remove if I want the bag to be less rigid. I also got to try out the buttonhole function on my new machine...it rocks, as always!

I made this about 3 months ago..but haven't had the right light for taking the photos and now the weather has improved I can finally rock my bag :)



  1. Love it!!! You've made a really fab bag and I love the polka dot lining and gorgeous fabric..you are very talented! And thank you so much again for my cards XHugs Carole Z X

    1. Thanks Carole..despite it looking nothing like the pattern I love it! Glad that you love your cards, that makes me very happy. Cx


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