Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good Friends

 Hey there, I've been a bit distracted this week - I didn't even manage to participate in WOYWW :(

I have had lots of random things to do, but I have found time to make a few things and catch-up with some good friends.

I made the card in the main photo for JT, as part of our Card Exchange. I love this 1950's digital stamp - it's such fun to work with, I had to draw in a shoe, part of her face, her hairline and part of her belt, but this all made it more fun for me.

This is the card JT made for me -
Pinwheel Thank You
I love it, it's so me! I will be using it as a Thank You for my MIL. Here is a close-up, so you can see the glittery detail.

Pinwheel Close-up
I had dinner with JT last night and we had such fun, we are going to try and organise a stay-cation before Hubby and I leave for NYC.

I also had lunch with another good friend Suze, she placed a little order with me, so I thought I'd share a couple of things I made for her with you.

Dress Form Birthday
I keep the leftovers from the dress form die cuts and use them in various ways. I like this version, the 3 little pearls are a nice touch to balance out the card.

I had made a card similar to this one as a challenge entry and when Suze said she wanted Thank You's I thought I'd make another one and then she'd have a pretty almost matched set.

Butterfly Thank You
I really enjoy working with this sketch, it's so versatile.

Finally here is a Mother's Day idea that I had made and decided it was too much work for the website. So I modified it as a gift for Suze's Mum. I cut a contrasting oval scallop, stuck it over the original greeting, added peel-offs and had a set of 4 cards ready to go..I'll be rooting through my leftover special occasion stock and trying this again.

Flower Happy Birthday
It's fun to make things for people you know well :)


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  1. I love that thank you card example - that is a really cute layout and the colours and textures are totally working for you. I see what you mean about the last one being too fussy for the site - what a great way to repurpose. I'm totally digging through my collection to see how I can make that work for me as well...


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