Friday, February 3, 2012

CrabbyMoose To You!

Crab and Moose
I can never explain CrabbyMoose - sorry, but it makes me laugh and it has inspired some very funny cards!

Picture of the day is of a Crab and a Moose card - you can see that I have contrasted the card and the scalloped square. I decided it would be fun to use a patterned paper for the Crab and the Moose. The Moose punch is an old favourite by Kars and the Crab punch is by Martha Stewart (I love her!) from JT for Christmas. I like the random lettering too.

I love them  - here are some close-up shots.

Crab closeup

Moose closeup

This weekend is Superbowl Weekend and I am a huge NFL fan. Hubby and I are hosting a Superbowl party - complete with JT, her Hubby, my Dad and our friend Jamie.

I will post the Superbowl party food and cards on Monday.

I'm also trying to figure out if I can enter 2 challenges this weekend? Not convinced I can find the time, as I am hitting The Range tomorrow, random shop in Enfield that stocks lots of reasonable craft stuff - look out wallet!


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  1. It looks like the Moose is being held to ransom with that lettering - it's too funny! I like the coordination of the animal punch with the solid coloured card. Swish! (slam-dunk that was)


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