Thursday, September 26, 2013

WOYWW makes me warm and fuzzy...

I really enjoyed WOYWW yesterday, not just because of all the lovely comments left for me, but because there was so much to see and interactive with - it cheered me up - working until 1am the night before made me grumpy!

I also added a few more people to 40 for 40, only a few slots use the link on my sidebar if you are interested.

Lemon is here now and that is WONDERFUL...tonight the 40th celebrations kick-off.

I wanted to share the beautiful illustration that my work colleague gave's today's main photo. She just happened to mention she can 'draw a bit'...hmmm modest or what! So I begged for a few of her drawings to make things with.

JT and I are going to use it in some shape or form and it comes with the words - 'we are all going to die, but I have a helmet' - awesome.

Have a great Thursday and thank you for making me smile.



  1. ...But I have a helmet. I can't wait to see how we both use it!


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