Friday, December 14, 2012


As you know JT and I are slightly obsessed by Candies! So imagine my delight when this month's edition of cardmaking and papercraft had free Candies and stamps for using with Candies.

I wanted to use them immediately and came up with a really good use for them. Lots of people on my Christmas gift list wanted vouchers and I like to liven up the gift card with a nice card. Today's main photo is of the gift card I made for my Ma.

I used one of the free stamps and stamped it in silver onto the pretty purple paper, added Candies and added a glittery sentiment. I decided to use glitter glue on the stamp outline to lift it a bit and I am very pleased with the results.

Below is a detail shot of the stamp and the candies.

I've now made x5 of these cards in various colours and I think this stamp is going to become a staple!

I bought JT the magazine too, as I didn't want her pinching my stamps!


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  1. You use this stamp nicer than the examples in the magazine. I'm glad you've realised (a year and a half later) that I consider your craft stash the same as my own and I would totally steal that. Like your background papers from America as well!


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