Monday, May 25, 2015

Bye bye Momma Bear...


So my Ma left to go home a little while ago..sad times, but man did we have fun whilst she was here.

DC was awesome fun - hot as hell, but amazing to see everything and its so clean!!

We loved having her with us, but you know it's always nice to reclaim your tiny 1 bedroom apartment :)

Main photo is Ma outside the White House - waaay smaller than we expected:)

This photo is of Ma the converted slot machine player in Atlantic City...

She is a lot of fun my Ma!

We also had a great lunch date with JT's folks - Mike and Sally - they are amazeballs and I love them to pieces. So glad that Ma got to meet them. Whenever Hubby and I are with Mike and Sally we take a here is the one from yesterday..



  1. Ahhh sounds like you have had a great time. Shame shes had to come back to cold yucky Britain. Love H xxx

  2. Claire bear (I just had to! My brother's name is Gary and he is Gar bear to me!!) - love this selfie - you guys all look so cute! I am glad you got to spend time with your mom! Am I just figuring out that you are actually from England and not the US? You know what that means - now I will read your posts with an English accent!!


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