Friday, September 27, 2013

Saying goodbye to my 30's.....

Wow! 10 years went quickly...

I have a lot to be thankful 30's have been fab...I met my hubby, got married, learnt how to craft, made a couple of new and forever friends, strengthened some old friendships, got healthy, moved to NYC...the list could continue.

The main photo today is from a great party during my 30''s one of my fave are a few more..

Me + Hubby on an very early date!!
 My SIL, Sam, Ma and Daddy - at the Mascot Race 2005
My SIL Lucy and I in Brighton...2006
Amy and Lemon in Amsterdam 2011
Hubby + Me on our 1st Wedding Anniversary in Camber Sands 2010
Today I am going to enjoy the last day of 39 and get ready to embrace 40..starting with our little house party tonight...

I have been working tirelessly making party bags - I'll show pics next week over WOYWW so all the ladies that sent me bday wishes can see what I got up to.

Then off to Atlantic City Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! tomorrow for a day and night of excess and fun!

Happy Friday everyone..



  1. Have a great night Claire and a fabulous birthday tomorrow

  2. Thanks for sharing some fab photos Claire - I didn't get to WOYWW this week but will be looking for your link up next week - Have a great party oh and Congrats on reaching 40 - Hugs Mxx

  3. Great photos, Claire! Have a wonderful birthday today (Saturday) and embrace those 40s with the same gusto and more!! Hugs, Darnell


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