Monday, August 26, 2013

Having fun..

 It's great having Amy and Ma here..

Yesterday we all went on a Circleline Tour of NYC - great to be on the river in the heat.

The main photo is of Ma and I - isn't it awesome, we cracked up laughing right at the last minute..

Here are a few photos of the rest of the day (taken by Hubby and I playing with the fisheye lens..) -

Me and Amy
Ma and the Manhattan skyline
Me and Ma
Statue of Liberty
Today we are off to Jersey Garden Mall to get our shop on..



  1. Looks like a fab day on the river.
    Enjoy your shopping. I remember when the family went to Florida, we had to buy more suitcases over there, and we only took a weeks worth of clothes for the fortnight so the cases we had were half empty anyway.

    1. I suspect that might be the case here too Alison!!


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