Sunday, May 13, 2012

Organisation is key!

So the flat is still chaos, but there are 2 high points - 1) all the windows are now in and they are beautiful and 2) the craft room is habitable. Yay!
I think Hubby made sure that I could get back in there (albeit temporarily) so I didn't murder someone! I hate not being able to craft at the weekend.
Did I fool you with the main picture? That is so not my craft room - I wish. The new shelving has given me food for thought, so I am carefully sorting through everything I took off the old shelves and re-organising. I have bought new Really Useful Boxes so I can get rid of some of the more makeshift storage I've been using. Whilst I was working at my desk today, I realised that my Epic Six is in an awkward position, it's been relocated now and I am much happier. I think this is going to keep happening whilst I work out how to best use the space.

Today, I have been mainly working on a couple of big orders I have to fill, as I am a bit behind due to the window chaos. Sorry no photos for you, as I can't actually find my camera - so I'll take some later in the week.

This is a template from Sew.Craft.Create and I used it today, but modified it slightly (you'll see later on in the week)

I think this template is going to come in really handy, it's so easy to use.

I also made a few of these butterfly cards - I mentioned them before, they are really easy to make and I slightly changed the style of them today - once again photos later in the week.

I made a few more of these rocket cards - I change the colours so they can be suitable for kids or adults - this one is for an adult, using muted tones. The rocket is a Cuttlekids die - they are great and reasonably priced - I find it's a good idea to cut them out using white cardstock and then colour them using Promarkers, otherwise the flame is hard to do. I used my favourite star and big dot embossing folders.

A very nice day to round off a nice weekend.



  1. If that was your new craft room I'd be moving in. That's not a joke, it's a threat. The nicer your craft room gets, the more likely you are to have a short American friend who refuses to leave!

  2. Ha ha - I'll make sure and remember that when I am building the giant craft room in the loft next year......minor flaw, Hubby is not falling in with this plan..


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