Monday, February 11, 2013

Powerless to resist...

I saw these on the Cowling & Wilcox website and had to have them. So went in to town early before JT's birthday dinner and went into a store to buy them.

They are gorgeous and I am so full of joy at having them. I was going to show an actual photo of them on my desk, but Mr Pentax needs charging...

Massive treat, but they were reduced from £70.00 to £29.99!!


Oh and big news I won a challenge - YAY!! I won #129 over at KennyK's Challenge blog - you can see my entry here - check out my new winners badge on my sidebar.



  1. Well done on your bargain and your win.
    Your card was lovely.
    Are the pens all new colours?

    1. Thanks Alison. The pens are all new colours, quite similar to existing colours which makes them superb for blending. Cx


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